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  • Full vacuum and dust extraction

  • All plastics and interior surfaces steam cleaned

  • Air vents flushed with steam

  • Glass Cleaned

  • Fabric seats deep cleaned

  • Leather seats safely deep cleaned

  • Floor mats deep cleaned

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Our Full Detail package is the ultimate car cleaning experience you’ve been waiting for. Our goal is to offer a detailed clean both for the interior and exterior, with all the bonuses of protection. We use the latest machine polishing techniques to boost gloss, locate and remove scratches - not just a full paint correction. Our skilled technicians will leave your car looking and smelling brand new.


We are unmatched in quality and results. We use the latest hydrophobic self-cleaning technology to give your car a long-lasting, glossy shine. Our experienced technicians pay attention to every detail and ensure that your car's exterior looks brand new again. Schedule a visit with us and see the difference for yourself!


The Interior service provides total protection for your car's interior. With our advanced techniques and high-quality products, we ensure that your car's leather is protected and stains are prevented. Don't overlook the importance of maintaining your car's interior - our team is here to help.

  • Wheel faces + barrels safely cleaned

  • Wheel arches cleaned

  • Snow foam pre wash

  • Intricate areas cleaned with soft bristle brushes

  • Safe, two bucket contact wash

  • Exhaust deep cleaned                  

  • Iron fallout remover applied to paintwork, wheels and exhaust

  • Road tar removed from paint work

  • Dried with high quality, soft drying towels and non contact air blower

  • Gloss enhancement machine to hide light defects

  • Entry level Ceramic Coating applied to all paintwork

*Travel costs and vehicle size may impact final price.

*Mobile service subject to terms and conditions.

Add ons.png

Wheel face ceramic coating - from £90

To get in touch with us, you can call us directly or send us an email. We are happy to provide you with a free quote or to help you make a booking. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.


Thank you for choosing Clinical Details.

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